Teaching activities within the framework of the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen

Seminární místnost ÚKBH ÚKBH guarantees on Medical Faculty in Pilsen, Charles University teaching of compulsory subject Clinicall biochemistry and optional subjects Clinical biochemistry – new biomarkers and its indications, case reports (the optional subject are conducted in Czech language only).
Teaching is performed by a team of experienced teachers.

Subject Clinical biochemistry

compulsory, 5th year of general medicine

6 days (30 hrs) of seminars, ended with credit and compulsory exam that is realised in the form of complex electronic quiz. Teachnig is in available english language too.

Main goals (outcomes) of education

Correctly indicate and interprete laboratory results.
A journey to this goal leads from basic analytical and diagnostic properties of laboratory method, understanding of reference range concept and interdisciplinary interpretation of pathophysiologic correlates in clinical biochemistry laboratory results. Building on knowledge of metabolic pahtways in healthy human organism, absolvent should understand usage of biomarkers change for diagnosis and prognosis of prevalent and severe diseases, understand basic toxicology and laboratory monitoring of different organ functions and therapeutic drug monitoring.

Clinical biochemistry new biomarkers and its usage, case files

optional, 5th and 6th year, general medicine; in Czech language only

10 x 2 hours (seminars), 5 credits

Program and content are summarized in student information system.

ÚKBH significantly contributes to origin and working of following projects:

  • inter-university project inteded for medical students education, it covers all significant topics of clinical biochemistry; accessible for all members of academic network MEFANET (after log-in)
  • internet portal for continuous postgradual development of medical doctors, nurses and bioanalyticians, accessible even withou logging in; majority of study materials is published in czech language

Pedagogic team

Jaroslav Racek

Prof. MUDr. Jaroslav Racek, DrSc. [CV]

Professor, head of the department

Daniel Rajdl

MUDr. Daniel Rajdl, Ph.D. [CV]

coordinator for education and science

Richard Pikner

MUDr. Richard Pikner, Ph.D.

 Václav Senft Ing. Václav Senft


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  • Prize of ČSKB „The Bestst publication in clinical biochemistry and laboratory madicine in year 2007“: MUDr. Roman Cibulka, Ph.D. and coworkers for collection of materials:
    • Cibulka R., Racek J.: Metabolic disorders in patients with chronic kidney failure. Physiol Res 2007; Vol. 56, 697-705.
      Cibulka R., Racek J., Pikner R., Rajdl D., Trefil L., Veselá E., Studenovská M., Široká R.: Effect of L-camitine supplementation on secondary hyperparathyroidism and bone metabolism in hemodialyzed patients. Calcif Tissue Int 2007; Vol. 81, No. 2: 99-106.
      Cibulka R., Široká R., Rajdl D., Racek J., Trefil L., Eiselt J.: Asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA) as a novel independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease in haemodialysis patients. Klin Biochem Metab 2007, Vol. 15 (36), No. 1: 39-42.
      Cibulka R., Rajdl D., Široká R., Eiselt J., Malánová L., Trefil L., Racek J.: Asymetrický dimethylarginin (ADMA) jako nový nezávislý faktor prežití u hemodialyzovaných nemocných. Klin Biochem Metab 2007, Vol. 15 (36), No. 3; 160-163.
  • Prize of  ČSKB "Za výuku a vzdělávání v oboru klinická biochemie a laboratorní medicína v roce 2006": Prof. MUDr. Jaroslav Racek, DrSc. a spolupracovníci za učební text druhého přepracovaného vydání: Jaroslav Racek et al.: Klinická biochemie, Galén 2006, ISBN 80-7262-324-9
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